Lantek International Trade

LANTEK international business trade limited company headquartered in Hong Kong, is a leading global electronic components independent distributors, dedicated to the world top electronic enterprise to provide high quality semiconductor supply services. We specialize in selling all kinds of Europe and the United States imported brand agent active components (NXP, FREESCALE, FAIRCHILD, ST, TI, INFINEON, ON, TOSHIBA, MPS) (mainly has integrated circuit, IGBT, IC, MCU MOS, photoelectric couplers, schottky, ESD protection, transistor etc.).
To develop the southeast Asia business, in 2008 in America we set up the branches. In 2010, we set up in mainland China shenzhen branch (shenzhen SiFang Lantek technology Co., LTD.), in the same year, NXP authorized by the company as its the Chinese IDH (technical solutions design house), responsible for NXP related technical promotion and sales. Shenzhen branch with taxpayer qualification, can open 17% VAT invoice, can be better for mainland China enterprise to provide localized service.

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